Maria Fotiadou, Ph.D, is specialised in Health and Positive Psychology. She is an Empowerment and Happiness Coach, author and an award winning international speaker. To date, she has worked with thousands of people helping them to successfully deal with everyday stress and negative emotions, lead a happy, healthy and prosperous life and become a bright example of positivity, optimism and strength for others too.

She is a speaker, having given numerous talks around Europe and her work has received media coverage and awards. She gives talks to organisations and arranges empowerment workshops and seminars for the public, spreading the message of self-worth, optimism, positivity, happiness, finding meaning in life and positive relationships. For many years, she helped families and patients dealing with cancer to adjust and cope with difficulties. She also teaches young people the power of positivity to build strong and happy communities and consults numerous people around the world design a happy life.

Young Damian Vavanos, Business Breakthrough

Her life mission is to help and inspire people around the globe to employ a positive attitude, create happiness, live with passion and attain the life of their dreams.

Young Damian Vavanos, Business Breakthrough

She is also the founder of the Life Treasure Collector (LTC), a platform where people can share their personal stories of strength and inspire others to act in life with courage and optimism. LTC is an idea based on positive psychology principles and years of research. She is a strong believer that every single person has stories of success and bravery in life worth sharing that can inspire and change the world.


She is a member of several International Humanity and Health organizations and holds partnerships with entrepreneurs and professionals from around the world, promoting happiness, quality of life, prosperity and health. She is an adventurer and extremely passionate about life. She loves photography, living next to the sea and music.