Business Breakthrough is a team of entrepreneurs aiming to help people from all around the world to start and succeed in their businesses.


Maria is an international positive psychologist / happiness coach and Damianos is a serial entrepreneur specialising in digital marketing. Damianos knows the online world like the back of his hand and Maria is working with people from all over the world helping them shape a positive mindset and a prosperous abundant life.

We come from different backgrounds, but we have one thing in common. We live in one of the most difficult economic environments in the world, Greece, and yet we have built successful businesses. It takes a lot of guts, knowledge and perseverance to make it in Greece, but we did it. We’ve made our personal and business breakthrough!

Now we are here to share our stories, our experiences and our expertise with people that want to make their own business breakthroughs. Show them ways to build and grow profitable businesses in this challenging economic environment. Help them recognise their own strengths , see the opportunities and use any adversities in order to reach their goals.

Hey, if we have made it  in Greece, what is your excuse?

Follow our lead.

Join The Business Breakthrough!!!

Maria Fotiadou

Maria Fotiadou

PhD Psychology

Dr Maria Fotiadou is a Positive Psychologist, Happiness Coach, an award winning Public Speaker, and the founder of Life Treasure Collector, a platform that collects inspirational stories of courage and positivity from people from around the world.

Damianos Vavanos

Damianos Vavanos

Serial entrepreneur

I’m a marketer and entrepreneur who helps and educates small businesses and start-ups reach their digital marketing goals, by leveraging the new media.